Beginner Guitar Lessons

You may be inquiring about guitar lessons as a hobby or you may want a wide variety of areas (Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Worship, Folk, Etc). In order to accomplish the above and get a good foundation, you will need to learn the basics of the guitar.

Weather for your own enjoyment or your goal is to become a professional, a positive attitude and willingness to learn will be your most important tools.

My lessons and exercises are designed for maximum results. They are designed for the way you would play if you were a professional guitarist or simply playing for friends or relatives in your living room.

Guitar Lesson subject matter

Playing position - You will learn how to position your body, arms and legs for comfort and to avoid tension.

Your guitar - Acoustic, Steel - String, Nylon String Classical, or Electric Guitars can be used for these lessons.

Tuning - You will learn to tune your guitar with an electronic guitar tuner.

Guitar Music Notation - Reading notes and Tablature.

Chords - Fourteen basic chords and how to use them in songs.

Right Hand Finger Styles - These are used in songs such as "Stairway to Heaven", "Dust in the Wind", Etc.

Finger & Pick Control Exercises develop strength, dexterity and accuracy.

Younger Students - These students are taught at an individual pace, with special attention.

All lessons are "FUN, EASY and ENJOYABLE Guitar Lessons for beginners!

If you are ready to begin your in person or Skype lessons Contact Us Today!

You can contact me by Phone: 727-797-9377
E-mail: or
Skype: Jpguitarstudy12.


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