Intermediate/Smooth Jazz Guitar Lessons

This course combines several topics:

Blues scale patterns
Usage of Blues chords

We will be working with blues background music and the following objectives to:

Eliminate any fears of improvisation.
Minimize tedious theoretical reading, you will learn with your guitar in your hands.
Learn chord/scale relationships and simple, usable Jazz/Blues vocabulary.

We will be learning:

"Smooth Jazz" patterns for improvisation.
Recorded Jazz/Blues backgrounds and Jazz tunes.
Colorful Jazz chord changes.
Music transcriptions.

A winning combination for the aspiring Smooth Jazz/Blues Guitarist!

Skype Guitar lessons are now available!

Learn more about our online classes by clicking here.


You can contact me by Phone: 727-797-9377
E-mail: or
Skype: Jpguitarstudy12.


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