Solo Guitar Lessons

This is one of my favorite courses to teach. Why? Because is so rewarding and enjoyable to be able to play great music without depending upon other musicians for support.

The advantages of learning solo guitar are many:

Styles and Techniques - Learn a wide variety of styles and techniques

Acoustic and Electric Guitar - Focus on finger style acoustic and electric guitar arrangements

Possibilities - Finger style possibilities whereas you're limited to what you can do with a pick

Progressions - Lesson progressions

The finger style techniques covered in this course can be used in many ways, such as:

Vocalist - The right hand patterns can be used to create exciting and varied song accompaniments that will keep your music interesting

Instrumentalists - Demonstrate new techniques, music and styles as well as hear the beauty of the guitar as a solo instrument

Songwriters/Composers - You will learn many rhythmic patterns, open and alternate tunings (which are becoming very popular among acoustic guitar players), and colorful chord shapes that can be used as the basis and inspiration for your own original music.

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